Cosmetic Dentistry Financing Options

Dr. Carlos A. Alonso, DDS

The cost of cosmetic dentistry can vary greatly from patient to patient. Varying factors include the patient’s wants, needs, and insurance coverage. In more involved cosmetic cases, prices generally increase. As the price increases, patients are left to figure out how to pay for the services in most offices. Dr. Alonso loves cosmetic dentistry and would like to do what he can to accommodate patients and ensure that finances do not become an obstacle for a patient wanting to improve their smile.

Cash, credit card, and check are accepted forms of payment at Alonso Family Dental. There are multiple ways we can spread out the cost of the more involved cosmetic cases. First, we offer 3rd party financing through Care Credit. They offer 0% financing for 6 months in our office. For longer cases, we will accept a down payment for ½ of the cost at the initial appointment, ¼ of the cost at the midpoint of treatment, and ¼ of the cost at the next to last appointment. We accept insurance as partial payment if we have received a predetermination from the insurance company prior to treatment.

Another way to help with the cost of longer, more involved treatment plans is by phasing treatment. Dr. Alonso will sit down with each patient to determine what best fits their needs, both clinically and financially. Sometimes, Dr. Alonso can phase treatments to make it financially easier for the patient. By prioritizing dental issues, the treatment can be completed a little bit at a time. This allows the patient to pay as they go for what they feel financially comfortable with. If there are multiple high priority issues, Dr. Alonso can sometimes make less expensive temporary restorations that will delay some of the higher expense treatments for a later date. By phasing treatments, some treatment plans could take a few years to complete, but the patient will be maintained in a comfortable position until the definitive treatment is completed. Dr. Alonso does not want patients with significant treatment needs to feel overwhelmed. By phasing treatment, the hope is that patients can do a little at a time and before they know it, they are back to having the smile they want and deserve! 

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