Dental Implants are a procedure used to restore missing teeth.  Implants replace the root of a tooth while supporting the surrounding bone, gums, and teeth.  Restorations are then placed on top of implants to restore your mouth to optimum function and aesthetics.  Restorations on implants can include single crowns, multiple crowns, bridges, removable dentures that snap on the implants, and fixed dentures that stay in your mouth permanently.

The success rate of implants can vary from patient to patient and can depend on a patient’s medical history, but in general, implants have a very high success rate.

How Much Will a Dental Implant Cost?

Implant costs can vary depending on the exact procedure done to have a successful result.  Another factor that needs to be accounted for is how much of the cost insurance will cover. An increasing number of insurance companies have started to cover implants.  Knowing this, the cost of tooth implants can vary across the industry from $750 to $2,000 or greater. Variables that need to be accounted for include the fees of the individual dentist, the additional cost of the restoration being placed on top of the implant, whether any bone augmentation or preservation is needed, and insurance coverage.

Tooth Implant Placement

When there is a space created by a missing tooth, we initially place the implant into the space.  This is allowed to sit for 3-6 months while the bone and implant integrate.  At this point, a restoration can be placed on the implant.  An impression is made of the teeth and implant and then sent to a lab where an abutment and crown are custom made.  At this point, an abutment, which is a post above the gums for the crown to attach to, and a crown can be placed in the mouth, and the treatment is finalized.  If a denture is being fabricated to attach to implants, that will be fabricated by the lab.  In cases where there are cosmetic concerns, a temporary tooth, temporary crown, or temporary denture can be placed while we are waiting for the bone and implant to integrate.  This ensures that you do not go without a tooth in areas that are visible in your mouth.

Who Should Get an Implant?

Implants are a fantastic option for anybody that needs a tooth extracted or has missing teeth.  Leaving space where a tooth has been taken out is not usually recommended.  Leaving the space can lead to movement of other teeth creating and abnormal bite and could result in decreased chewing efficiency, changes in speech, changes in facial appearance, and TMJ or facial pain issues over time.  When a space is not replaced, the bone also shrinks weakening the jaw and support of the teeth and gums near that area.Dental Implant dentist, Dr. Alonso, in Missouri City, TX.

As long as there is sufficient bone, an implant is typically the best choice.  Implants are an excellent option for those who have lost a single tooth.  With multiple teeth missing, there are many implant options.  Implant bridges can be a very predictable and aesthetic result for these situations.  For those missing all or many of their teeth, implants are also an excellent choice.

There are typically multiple options when replacing an entire arch of teeth.  Dentures that snap onto implants can be very comfortable, aesthetic, and functional.  Dentures can also be fixed onto implants, so they do not have to be removed at night, and so they do not cover the patient’s palate.  This is precious to those with a gag reflex or those that do not like the bulkiness of a traditional denture.  With implants, a denture is significantly more secure, and the worry of a denture moving or coming out is eliminated.

Will it Take Long to Recover?

Implant recovery time can vary depending on how many implants are placed, if there is a need for grafting, and the type of implant surgery needed. With single tooth implants, recovery time is often minimal and allows for the patient to return to normal activities the day of or day after the procedure. Placement of dental implants is a simple outpatient procedure with minimal post-operative discomfort.

Dr. Carlos Alonso is in the Missouri City and Sugar Land area and has been restoring dental implants his entire career. Implant dentistry has come a long way in a short time and Dr. Alonso has made it a point to keep up with the latest advances and technology through continuing education. Tooth implants have become the preferred choice for restoring missing teeth in many cases. For more information on dental implants, please call Alonso Family Dental to set up an appointment for an examination.

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