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Do you think that your normal dentist can handle orthodontic work? Think again. Only a qualified orthodontics dentist in Missouri city can perform the services you need to get your smile back, so it’s important to learn about everything an orthodontics dentist can do if you want to protect the health of your teeth.  Watch Our Orthodontics Videos and Learn More!

When Do You Need to See an Orthodontist?

While anyone that practices as a dentist has gone through basic dentistry school, orthodontic dentists have taken things a step further. Orthodontics is the art of making sure that you have a perfect bite. Every aspect of how your upper and lower teeth fit together is a part of orthodontics, and orthodontists provide services that make sure your bite is healthy and effective.

You should schedule an appointment to visit an orthodontics dentist in Missouri City whenever you’re concerned that your bite isn’t at its best. If your teeth aren’t lining up or you’re having trouble chewing your food, an orthodontist will be able to to use advanced technologies and specialized techniques to give you your bite back and make you confident about your smile once again.

Problems an Orthodontist Can Fix

The main problem that orthodontic dentists address is called malocclusion, which is a technical term for “bad bite.” Malocclusion is often caused by genetic problems, and it usually makes itself apparent during the pre-teen or teenage years. However, some people allow simple malocclusion problems to go untreated for years or even decades, which makes the services an orthodontist can offer relevant even in the later years of life.

Here are a few common examples of types of malocclusion that an orthodontist can address:

• Underbite: An underbite is when your upper jaw protrudes over your lower jaw in such a way that your teeth don’t line up. Underbites are usually disfiguring, and they can cause improper tooth wear. Headgear is usually required to solve underbite issues.
• Overbite: Overbite is the opposite of underbite. Like underbite, it’s usually necessary to use headgear to treat this type of malocclusion.
• Open bite: Open bite is when some of the teeth in your mouth don’t meet each other when you put your jaws together.
• Crossbite: Crossbite is when your upper and lower jaws don’t meet up side-to-side. This condition usually requires headgear.
• Protrusion: This condition causes some of your teeth to stick out in front of each other. It can usually be fixed with braces.
• Crowding: Crowding is when your teeth have developed in such a way that they crowd each other for room. Over time, this type of malocclusion can lead to tooth decay and severe pain. Even mild forms of crowding result in difficulty flossing and oral discomfort, and this issue can usually be fixed with a retainer or braces.

Why You Need the Help of an Expert Orthodontics Dentist in Missouri City

Malocclusion won’t go away on its own. On the contrary, the only way to fix common types of malocclusion is with the help of a qualified orthodontic dentist. Your local orthodontist has the tools and know-how necessary to fix your bite and make sure your teeth will fit together, and common orthodontic techniques can prevent tooth decay and disfiguring jaw misalignment.

Give Your Teeth the Help They Need

Here at Alonso Family Dental, we’re standing by to help members of our community overcome common malocclusion problems that can ruin your self-esteem if left unchecked. The Missouri City community trusts us with the hard work of fixing malocclusion; with state-of-the-art facilities and friendly staff, we make each of our patients feel welcome.

We have a track record of offering some of the best orthodontic work in the industry, and we’re standing by to hear more about your situation and schedule an appointment. Call us at 281-778-8400 today!

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