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Fillings are important tools for protecting your dental health, but it’s important to know more about these types of dental treatments before you have fillings installed in your teeth. Learn all about the types of fillings that are available and whether or not fillings are right for you.

What Are Fillings?

If one of your teeth has been damaged by decay, you can return it to its original shape with a filling. This dental treatment is administered to an existing tooth and replaces part of the destroyed tooth. Dental fillings are also sometimes referred to as dental restorations.

Fillings can be made from a variety of different substances. Traditionally, fillings were made with precious metals like gold and silver. It’s also possible to make these treatments with cobalt or nickel, but these metals are usually seen as inferior for fillings.

Composite resins are becoming increasingly popular as filling materials. Unlike metal, a dental composite is the same color as healthy teeth, which helps fillings blend into your natural smile. In some cases, a substance called glass ionomer cement (CIG) is also used to make fillings, and porcelain is a popular filling substance because of its similarity to normal tooth material in both color and texture.Tooth fillings don’t always stop tooth decay, but they usually fight back against the progression of cavities.

Direct vs. Indirect Fillings

Direct fillings are applied with a procedure called direct dental bonding, and this procedure can be performed in your dentist’s office on the day of your visit. In this process, filling material is applied to your teeth and dried directly.fillings dentistIndirect dental bonding is a more complex procedure. First, your dentist makes a mold of your tooth, and this mold is sent to a dental lab. At the lab, a technician makes a filling that will fit the decayed area of the tooth, and this filling is sent back to your dentist’s office. This filling is then applied to your tooth, and this procedure is preferred when you’ve lost a significant portion of your tooth to decay.

Do You Need Fillings?

If you’ve lost any part of your tooth due to decay, it’s likely that you need fillings. However, your tooth decay may have progressed to the point that fillings will no longer fully address the issue, so it’s important to consult with your dentist to determine the best route forward.

A root canal treatment or dental implant may be warranted if your tooth cannot be fixed with a filling. Root canal treatment involves the removal and replacement of the dentin in a tooth, and a dental implant procedure involves the removal of your tooth and the installation of a prosthesis. In our initial consultation, we’ll help you determine which procedure will solve your dental issues.

Can You Get Replacement Fillings?

Some fillings are better than others, and not all dental offices perform filling procedures with the care and compassion that we observe here at Alonso Family Dental. If you’re having an issue with an existing filling, don’t worry; it’s possible to replace your existing filling with a new one. Whether you want a filling that looks better in your mouth or your filling fell out, count on us to provide you with a replacement filling that will keep your smile beautiful.

Work with Alonso Family Dental to Get the Smile You Deserve

As a top dentist in Missouri City, we’re dedicated to giving our patients the dental care they need to have confidence and remain free from pain. Whichever type of filling you might need, we’re standing by to schedule a consultation and determine the best way to help your tooth heal and look its best. To get started, give us a call at (281)778-8400 today!

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