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Ways to Prevent Oral Health Issues

Dental sealants are used to protect the surface of teeth from decay. They are commonly placed on children and teens, but adults can enjoy their benefits as well. The experts at Alfonso Family Dental will explain a bit more about the application of sealants.

Reasons to Apply Sealants

When sealants are applied, the coating is meant to cover the pits and fissures on back teeth. These teeth are usually difficult to keep completely clean, so they are most likely to suffer from decay. Since sealants provide barriers from bacteria, cavities are not as prevalent on covered teeth. Thanks to their abilities to deter decay, they can eliminate the need for fillings or crowns. Even if they are not covered by insurance, they are less expensive than most restorative procedures. This means that it may be less expensive to receive sealants than to pay for future fillings. Also, tooth structure is preserved.

When are Sealants Most Commonly Applied?

Since sealants are most helpful on pre-molars and molars, it is best to apply them when these teeth become visible in the mouth. Most sealants last up to 10 years before reapplication is necessary. The material used for sealants is either white or clear, which means that no one will notice them in the mouth.

Children are not the only ones who can benefit from sealants. People of all ages are susceptible to tooth decay. Sealants keep plaque and food debris from gathering in teeth grooves, which makes them an excellent form of preventative oral maintenance. Most dental insurance companies will cover the cost of sealants for younger patients. However, adults will usually have to pay for this treatment themselves.

How are Sealants Applied?

Sealant application is non-invasive and quite simple. In fact, each tooth will take minutes to complete. Before a sealant is placed, the tooth is cleaned. Also, the chewing surface is roughened so that maximum adherence is achieved. As each sealant is “painted” onto the enamel, it bonds right away and becomes very hard. A curing light may be used to complete the process. Sealants are made to withstand the force of chewing, so a person will not need to eliminate any foods from their diets.

Caring for Sealants

When teeth have sealants, they require no special care. Most people do not even feel them on their teeth. Although this type of treatment helps to prevent cavities, it does not guarantee that individuals will not experience decay. This is why it is essential to practice a solid oral hygiene routine. It is essential to always brush and floss daily and to visit the dentist for regular checkups.

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