Removable partial dentures are a good option for replacing missing teeth when dental implants and bridges are not a good option. Partial dentures improve aesthetics and function by replacing the missing teeth in the mouth. A removable partial denture is an appliance that has replacement teeth in a pink gum-colored acrylic that is on a wire frame that attaches to the existing teeth. It is removable and should be left out of the mouth while sleeping at night to allow your gums a chance to rest. 

One benefit of a removable partial denture can be the cost. Typically lab costs can be lower than with other restorations and this can save patients money.

A disadvantage of partials is that they are not fixed to the mouth. Maintenance is more difficult and they have to be left out nightly. While you can get a well-fitted partial that functions well, they do not fit as comfortably as fixed restorations. Partials are bulkier than other alternatives and there is an adjustment period for patients to get accustomed to them.

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