Dr. Carlos A. Alonso, DDS

I can’t say enough about Dr. Alonso and his staff. My husband and I both use Alonso Family Dental, and have been very pleased. Dr. Alonso and his staff combine the latest dental knowledge with care and compassion. Thank you for having a staff which is not only wonderfully competent in their work, but obviously enjoy their work as well. And thank you for always greeting me with smiles and a warm welcome each time I visit. I highly recommend Alonso Family Dental to all!

My family and I are proud Alonso Family Dental patients. My husband and I along with our two daughters are very pleased with the outstanding service we receive every time we visit Alonso Family Dental. We moved to Sienna in 2008 and my husband met Dr. Alonso. I would not consider my husband as someone whom likes to go to the doctor for ANYTHING. After his first visit with Dr. Alonso, he came home singing his praises which prompted me to want to go as well. After my first visit with Dr. Alonso, I could clearly see what my husband was referring to. The staff was and is always very courteous to all members of my family. They go out of their way to schedule appointments that fit into our busy schedule. They are always very helpful and friendly. Dr. Alonso and his assistants take their time when working on our teeth and address any questions or concerns. Both of my daughters were going to a Pediatric dentist. I was so impressed with him and his staff; I changed them over to his dental facility. They too, had pleasant experiences. Just recently, it was time for my oldest daughter to have her 6 month exam. After taking X-rays, Dr. Alonso noticed a shadow on one of her teeth. He thought it was a cavity trying to form and wanted to take preventive measures to seal it. We made an appointment for my daughter to come back and have the cavity sealed. The particular tooth in question had a sealant on it from her previous dentist. After removing the sealant, Dr. Alonso discovered a hole in her tooth! He discussed with me and my daughter what was going on and he quickly filled it. Had it not been for Dr. Alonso’s keen sense of awareness and care for my daughter, the cavity would have continued to go undetected and she would probably have had to have a root canal. Dr. Alonso saved her tooth! That night, after the procedure, he called personally to check on her. Dr. Alonso and his excellent staff make going to the dentist fun and fearless. If you are not a patient of Alonso Family Dental, YOU SHOULD BE!

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